Monday, November 9, 2009

sunny day smock

here at chickadee central, preparations are underway for the next show. cut the craft is creeping up on us pretty quickly and will be here in less than two weeks! since there is an emphasis on sustainability, there will be some new additions to the line-up made out of old materials. here's the very first step towards one of them:

this sweet little smock is a shrunken down version of a popular full length apron pattern. it is constructed with repurposed cottons and, in this incarnation, is fully reversible. the cross back construction allows it to grow and adapt to different bodies, but sizes might become available in the future. for now, it is back to the cutting room to make some alterations and to sew up some more.


dandelion blu said...

I want to wear that as a dress!!!

Anonymous said...

That's what I do with mine, it is like a pinafore.....I love it! kd