Saturday, May 30, 2009

the sun will come out, tomorrow

bet you bottom dollar that tomorrow, they'll be sun for the hand made mart!

dandelion blu and this chickadee are staking claim to a 10'x10' space along ellsworth avenue in silver spring. and we'll have plenty of pretty handcrafted items for you to peruse through. lots of our friends will be there peddling their wares as well (check out the vendor list on the hmm blog). it is going to be a great day. music! crafts! workshops! sunshine! and you!

PLEASE NOTE: the little shop of chickadee will be closed temporarily tomorrow. many of the items listed will be with me at the mart. stop by and see them in person or get them online before they disappear.

an item a day for the month of may is winding down! any orders placed before midnight on the 31st qualify for ** super free ** shipping!

tomorrow, tomorrow,
i love ya tomorrow
ice cream cake is only a day away

image courtesy of the gemini company

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