Monday, April 7, 2008

lucky charmer

this latest chickadee creation accompanied me on the journey west and was a faithful companion and trusted tote. she was carried-on, biked about and slung over my shoulder almost the entire time. no task was too great for this 13" x 14" harborer of hearts and stars. armed with a large external zip pocket and a smaller contrasting internal one, she traveled well and saw to it that her cargo was well traveled. she even had a few friends along to help out with the smaller bits.

two cushioned companions sewn from the same stock complemented the arrangement in more ways that one. the soft and cozy camera pouch was an essential ingredient to the mix...keeping the shutter safe and sound and well within reach for snapshots. the 7" x 6 1/2" astro-pack displayed the best of both fabrics. for the most part, this proud partner was in charge of containing the crochet project that came in handy many times on the journey.

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